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What does it mean when every major heavy axle manufacturer in North America utilizes your services? Meritor, Dana, Mack, and Axle Alliance (Daimler) have sourced the manufacture of Differential Carrier Mountings here, making Accurate Gauge & Mfg. (AG) the largest independent supplier of these components in the Americas and beyond. Ranging from Commercial Class 4 thru Class 8, specialty and off road, these companies rely on us to deliver on-time quality parts, in the quantities and varieties they need. The market may be up or may be down, the product may be part of a new launch or it may be a thirty year old design, a high volume production part made every day, or a one-off service part made once a year. What does it mean these companies have chosen us? It means they know we have done the hard work creating modern facilities with up to date equipment and processes that are monitored by well trained personnel. They recognize that after sourcing with us they can concentrate on problems elsewhere. Feel free to read on and see how we got here.



AG started out pretty much the same way a multitude of companies have, in a building little more than a garage…

We're not just a supplier, we're a partner

We understand the challenges of your business. Our process ensures the highest quality product up front, with long term cost savings as well. Find out why we're the premier axle carrier builder for heavy duty trucks.

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